DUI Checkpoint Video Goes Viral

A driver recorded his stop during a DUI checkpoint in Rutherford County, TN and uploaded the video to YouTube. By this evening, just hours after it was posted, it had more than 190,000 views.
The driver wrote on his YouTube page that the DUI checkpoint happened in Murfreesboro and the deputy told him “it is okay to take away my freedom.” The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office said it is investigating the video. “The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office is reviewing this incident,” spokeswoman Lisa Marchesoni wrote in an email. “We are looking into the matter to determine if there are any policy or procedure violations.”
WKRN, attempted to contact the driver who uploaded the video to YouTube. He did not immediately respond.


Click here to view the video by WATE 6 News.

No Warrant Need to Draw Parolee’s Blood

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A California appeals court says authorities don’t need a warrant to draw blood from parolees who don’t consent to a blood test.

The 1st District Court of Appeal made the determination Wednesday in a ruling over a DUI case in Solano County. According to the court, defendant Bobby Lynn Jones was under post-release community supervision when he got into a DUI crash in Fairfield.

Police had his blood drawn against his will and without a warrant and determined he had a blood alcohol count of .25 percent. The legal limit is .08.

The appeals court said blood draws were included in the warrantless searches Jones was subject to under the terms of his supervision.

His attorney, Gordon Brownell, said taking blood is different from reaching into someone’s pockets or car and should be subject to a higher standard.


DUI Attorneys of Sacramento

Being arrested while driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is an unexpected and traumatic experience.  The consequences of a DUI conviction can have a very significant impact on your life.   DUI Attorneys of Sacramento can help guide you through those trying times.

DUI Attorneys of Sacramento is a regionally-recognized firm of highly experienced DUI defense attorneys that serves clients in the greater Sacramento area.  With over 20 years of DUI defense experience, our firm can help you avoid the consequences of harsh and unnecessary penalties that may affect you and your family.

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5 Tips to Avoid a DUI

1. Don’t offer too much information

EXPLANATION:  After you’ve been pulled over by a police officer you do not have to answer questions, but you still can be arrested if the officer believes he has probable cause to arrest you for a DUI.

For further explanation and details on this tip visit our Free DUI Tips page.

2. Consider your situation before performing a field sobriety test

EXPLANATION:  A field sobriety test (FST) is administered and evaluated to obtain indicators of impairment to establish probable cause for a DUI arrest.

An officer has most likely already made his mind up whether he is going to arrest you for DUI before requesting you to participate.  When an officer observes cues, or indicators of impairment, that provides the officer with validation for their decision to arrest and is additional evidence that can be used against you.

For further explanation and details on this tip visit our Free DUI Tips page.

3. Know your rights before agreeing to a breathalyzer test

EXPLANATION:  A breathalyzer is a device for estimating blood alcohol content (BAC) from a breath sample.  In California, the device is called a preliminary alcohol screening (PAS) device.  This device is used at the scene of the police contact often right before an officer arrests an individual.

You are not required by law to take this test and should not take this test.  Even if you were to blow under a 0.08% BAC, you can still be arrested for DUI as an officer may say that you were still too impaired to drive.

For further explanation and details on this tip visit our Free DUI Tips page.

4. Understand the law before agreeing to a chemical test

EXPLANATION:  A chemical test is used to determine a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) either directly (blood sample) or indirectly (breath).  Blood tests are the most accurate of the tests.  By obtaining a California driver’s license, you have already consented to take a chemical test if arrested for a DUI.

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5. Drink responsibly

For further explanation and details on each of these 5 tips visit our Free DUI Tips page.

Top 3 Costs of a DUI

Do you know the three most expensive costs of a DUI?  If you said insurance, attorney fees and court fees you are correct.  The total cost of these three items alone could add up to $12,000 but when you hire an experienced attorney it is possible to reduce these costs by more than half!  DUI Attorneys of Sacramento will vigorously fight to ensure that the negative repercussions are minimal.

In addition to increased insurance premiums, attorney fees and court fees there are a number of miscellaneous costs associated with a DUI conviction.  Not to mention, costs and penalties are often more severe if you are a repeat offender or your blood-alcohol content is above 0.15%.  Some typical costs are:

i.  Bail – Estimated Cost: $100-$500

ii.  Towing – Estimate Cost: $100-$500

iii. DUI Alcohol Awareness Program – Estimated Cost: $350-$800

iv. Ignition Interlock Device – Estimated Cost: $400-$1,500