DUI Support Team

DUI Attorneys of Sacramento prides itself in providing the best DUI defense possible for each client by working with a team of experienced consultants that are well known and respected by the greater Sacramento DUI defense community.

The following are experts retained on a case-by-case basis to evaluate the legal and scientific merits of each case represented by our firm.  These experts are not employees of the firm and are free to exercise their discretion in each matter.

John Miles – Investigator

John Miles is an experienced Sacramento based criminal defense investigator.  His attention to detail and keen eye in capturing road and traffic conditions of DUI arrest scenes has helped us evaluate and successfully defend many client’s cases beyond what the police reports entail.

Drug Detection Laboratories – Criminalist/Toxicology

Drug Detection Laboratories, established in 1984, provides the highest quality and most sensitive drug and alcohol testing for courts, counselors, hospitals, public and private attorneys.  Their experienced staff is well-versed at testing and interpreting critical scientific data that often forms the foundation for our firm to successfully defend those accused of DUI.

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